Benefits of Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator

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A crime scene investigator (CSI) is an exciting, interesting career. A CSI's duties are securing the crime scene, collecting evidence, gathering DNA samples and analyzing evidence.


Careers in this field continually give investigators skills that will enable them to analyze situations, communicate with others and value the importance of having an attention to detail.


Crime scene investigators are only required to get a bachelor of arts in science, with an emphasis on criminal justice. So they aren't required to obtain a masters or higher to complete their education.

Work Environment

CSIs only work in a lab or office part-time. Their work environment will change, depending on the location of each crime scene. As a result, they are able to maintain a healthy balance of routine while enjoying a variety of environments.

Job Satisfaction

Due to the nature of their job, people in this field are required to work closely and rely on their co-workers. As a result, they often form close bonds and create strong friendships with the people they work with.

Fun Fact

Most nighttime dramas are based on actual events (although often, circumstances are embellished or glamorized by script writers), and crime scene investigators often find themselves as characters on their favorite shows.