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Definition of an Event Coordinator

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Event coordinators, ranging in expertise from social to corporate, aid organizations in coordinating successful events, by adhering to financial needs, rental space accommodations and client requests. Coordinators can freelance their work on a per-job basis or may be hired by organizations to attend to their events only.

Definition of Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are hired to develop, plan, coordinate and complete functions within business organizations.

Job Requirements

Coordinating special events requires skills in overseeing, planning, coordinating, executing, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of events, whether social, educational, internal or external. The event coordinator must follow financial constraints and adhere to guest requests and schedules.

Why an Event Coordinator?

Event coordinators offer experience and expertise in an ever-changing industry. They are familiar with event budgets, catering, décor, facility rentals and space requirements.


A high school diploma is a standard requirement, and while a college degree in communications, marketing or business management is helpful and often preferred, it is not always required in lieu of significant experience.


Much of a coordinator's expertise comes from executing successful events. Beginning by planning simple business meetings, weddings, social functions or events for 50 guests or less, planners can then increase their guest count, event size, and involvement and number of events organized.


Independent event coordinators can charge a percentage of the event budget, but most can anticipate a salary between $40,000 and $75,000. Salary varies with experience, location and industry.


Jessica M. Denmark is a PR/Event professional living in Savannah, Ga. Writing for more than a decade, she has been published online and in print. In between planning events for Savannah visitors and organizing weddings for Southern brides, Denmark maintains book review blog, jessicaetcetera.