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Many people view modeling as a glamorous career. Hundreds of young girls audition in the hopes of gaining a spot and making a name for themselves in the modeling world. They are attracted to the lifestyle and the benefits that modeling can bring. Here are some of the benefits that makes modeling a competitive field.

New Experiences

Being a model will expose you to a lot of different skills, such as proper posture, communication skills and poise, that you can apply to other careers.

Free Stuff

There are many perks to becoming a model. One of them is being able to receive things for free--such as professional photographs, tickets to events and invitations to parties.

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Brought to you by Sapling


You can freelance as a model, which is a great side job if you are busy with school, family or another job. Models can make anywhere from $200 a day to $1,000 a day.

Publicity and Exposure

Whether you are only doing modeling part-time or build a career out of it, exposure is one of the benefits of becoming a model. You may gain popularity or recognition through your photographs or TV spots.


Traveling is one of the biggest perks of becoming a model. You may secure projects that require you to travel domestically or internationally. The company you are working with may also give you a travel allowance and stipend while working.

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