How Many Years Is Chiropractic School?

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Chiropractic science focuses on the relationship between the structure and function of the body, primarily in proper spinal adjustment and its relationship to a healthy nervous system. Chiropractors emphasize the body's ability to heal and remain healthy without drugs or surgery. A person who intends to become a chiropractor must obtain a doctor-of-chiropractic degree from a college or university, or a chiropractic school.

Time Frame

The doctor-of-chiropractic curriculum is typically a four-year program in which students are expected to be enrolled continuously on a full-time basis.

First Year

The first year commonly focuses on basic science, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and microbiology. Introductory chiropractic courses are included as well.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Second Year

Year 2 involves more advanced chiropractic courses in methods and principles, and clinical sciences such as diagnosis, nutrition and radiology.

Third Year

The third year usually includes courses in chiropractic physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation procedures, along with advanced clinical sciences.

Fourth Year

Typically, the fourth year is spent in an internship or other type of supervised clinical practice, either on campus or at another chiropractic facility.

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