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Duties of a Customer Service Manager

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Customer service managers deal with customers on a daily basis. This includes all customers, even the rowdy ones who want something for nothing. Good customer service managers know how to keep all customers happy and diffuse potentially volatile situations.

Supervising Employees

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Customer service managers will supervise all customer service employees. This includes ensuring they are performing their job duties correctly, arriving on time and working efficiently.

Overseeing Customer Service

The customer service manager oversees customer service throughout the company or a particular branch. This includes ensuring customer service practices are well established and followed by customer service employees, as well as ensuring excellence in customer service.

Recognize Sale Opportunities

Customer service managers should also recognize sale opportunities when dealing with customers and always try to sell more items or services at the point of service.

Training Customer Service Employees

Customer service managers are involved in training customer service employees. It is the manager's responsibility to ensure that all customer service employees are well trained and understand the rules, ethics and expectations that apply to their jobs.

Meeting Goals

The customer service manager is responsible for meeting goals in customer service. This includes increasing the store's rating in customer service, putting customers first, and achieving positive feelings about the store or branch by the general public.


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