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Examples of Goals for a Childcare Center Director

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The director of a childcare center takes responsibility for all operational aspects of the business. Setting goals enables the director to improve the center and her own performance to benefit the children who attend. Create your goals to address specific areas of need in the childcare center based on observations you make.

Increase Enrollment

A full childcare center maximizes the income the business gets from its clients. If your center isn't filled to capacity, aim to increase your enrollment so you are closer to the goal. Eventually you may get to the point where you have a waiting list for people wanting to get a spot at your childcare center. Encourage current families to refer your program to others by offering them a small incentive. For example, knock $20 off the weekly fee when one of the family's referrals enrolls their children at your childcare center. Another method of promoting the center is through community involvement, such as volunteering or walking in a local parade. Create a marketing plan to get more families coming through your doors.

Improve Staff Qualifications

The director is responsible for the quality of the staff. Hiring qualified teachers and assistants is key to providing high-quality care for the families. Once you have a solid staff in place, set the goal to improve the experience of those team members. Staff training sessions allow you to give all employees a similar background knowledge on various aspects of childcare. Encourage staff members to earn college degrees in child development or education. If the budget allows, tuition reimbursement for at least part of the college expenses may encourage more staff members to participate.

Become Accredited

If the childcare center isn't already accredited, strive to achieve that distinction. Accreditation programs aim to improve the quality of the childcare program. To earn accreditation, your center must meet specific standards and requirements. Break down the requirements into several smaller goals for yourself so you are eventually able to become accredited. If you already hold the accreditation, work to improve even more in the specific standards. Accreditation organizations for childcare centers include the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the National Association of Child Care Professionals, the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation and the Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment program.

Parent Involvement

Getting parents involved in the childcare center helps create a better environment and experience. The children see that their parents care about their experience at the center. You also gain a partner in caring for the children. Get parents involved in the center by communicating with them regularly and encouraging their involvement through a parent advisory board. With satisfied parents and kids, your center is more likely to thrive.


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