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Entry Level Jobs in Sports Management

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Though many sports management majors dream of running a big league ball club, the first job for a college graduate will likely be less glamorous. However, for those who enjoy sports, obtaining a degree in sports management is a way to stay close to the game while also developing a career in a lucrative field. Sports management majors are qualified for many entry-level positions where they can learn about the business and advance their career.

Event Management

From sports teams to local arenas, several jobs are available in event management. An employee working in event management might be responsible for planning and implementing a variety of tasks from coordinating security staff to scheduling athletic events. Event management employees typically work long hours immediately before and during athletic events. Graduates interested in working in event management should enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and solving problems.


At most levels of competition, getting fans into the seats at the games is the primary way that teams make money. This makes marketing positions very important as these positions are responsible for promoting fan attendance to assure that teams are profitable. Sports management graduates working in marketing might plan promotional giveaways, meet with corporate clients to sell luxury seating or bulk tickets or work to create catchy advertising campaigns. Graduates who enjoy working with others and have taken courses in marketing, advertising or related fields might excel in marketing positions.


For college athletic departments and other amateur sporting events, issues with compliance are of vital importance. Sports management graduates may find entry level work in the compliance field, often working for their college while still in school. Persons working in the compliance department must work to make certain that coaches and players understand the rules while maintaining current documentation and other records. While employment in compliance is a behind-the-scenes job, those working in compliance will work closely with coaches and players and often do not work during the games.

Public Relations

The responsibility of those working in entry-level positions in public relations varies depending on the employer. Small colleges and minor league baseball teams might only have a few public relations employees who complete a variety of tasks while big colleges and professional teams will have multiple employees assigned to specific areas. Public relations work for a sports team might include developing charity projects for a team’s players, scheduling tours of facilities and responding to informational requests from journalists and others. Sports management graduates with coursework in journalism, communications or related fields may have an added edge when competing for jobs in public relations.