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Easygoing Jobs

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The dictionary definition of easygoing is something that’s relaxed and casual in manner. It opens up defining easygoing jobs to be as diverse as the individuals trying to select a position. What may be an easygoing job for one person won’t likely be for another -- so it is important to take the time to consider what you’re trying to achieve in your job hunt.


An easygoing job for some may be as simple as one that offers a more flexible schedule or in-house perks, like a stocked kitchenette and ping-pong tables. Someone else may want a job where they are working for themselves, while others look for a less stressful or demanding environment. Keep in mind any job can likely be defined as easygoing if you are doing something you enjoy. Take the time to reflect on your definition of easygoing and what would make your job one. But in any job switch, make sure you consider the implications. Your easygoing job may pay less than what you’re used to and come with fewer benefits.

Outdoor Jobs

If getting away from a desk is your goal, consider careers outdoors. Gardening and landscaping, newspaper and flyer delivery, and dog walking will get you out of an office. For the more adventurous, consider working as a dive guide, ski instructor or skydiver. You may also find that a seasonal position, such as construction, crab fishing and fruit picking, suits you. Seasonal jobs may be physically demanding, with even a hint of danger, but they often pay well and leave you with time to pursue other interests.


When education is taken outside of a classroom, you may find it less stressful and demanding. Consider tutoring, working in a library or applying to be a summer camp coach. Teach the skills you know -- offer dance classes for weddings, train dogs, give piano lessons. Homes for seniors and community centers may be looking for activity leaders to lead classes and programs at their facilities.


If you would love the opportunity to travel, consider being a tour guide or teaching English overseas. Many companies and private owners need skippers to navigate boats between ports or to take clients out on the water. You may also be able to work as a travel writer or photographer and chronicle your adventures on a blog or on a freelance basis.


Many medical studies pay their participants. Some involve testing new medications but others are simple sleep studies. Sperm, eggs, plasma, platelets and hair can also be donated -- and in many cases the donor is paid. If you are already in the medical field and want something less stressful, you may find switching to a private clinic is the answer. Meanwhile, "Forbes" lists medical records technicians and dietitians as among the least stressful jobs of 2013.

Business and Retail

Being a department store greeter or a mystery shopper may be the casual job you’re looking for. Stocking shelves may be easygoing work for some. A salon or spa may provide the relaxed environment you're looking for. Conducting Internet surveys from home can provide income. If you’re willing to stay in an office position, consider roles in data entry or proofreading. Meanwhile, jobs in IT and at high-tech companies have a reputation for being easygoing because of the youthful environment and office perks many offer.


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