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How to Document a Book With Multiple Authors on a Resume

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Writing a book is an admirable achievement, and one you definitely want to highlight when you’re in the running for a job. Although it’s most helpful when the book relates to the position you’re trying to get, having any publications under your belts shows that you can carry out long-term, complex projects successfully. Plus, having multiple co-authors displays your ability to work effectively in teams. The format you use to include books on your resume is similar to the ones for citing references in papers and other publications.

Create a "Publications" section on your resume. No standard exists for where where to place this. Employers will likely take more interest in your knowledge, skill and experience than your writing credits, however, so it usually makes the most sense to put books after your work history.

Place the title of the book first, followed by the edition, if applicable. Put a comma between the title and the edition, and end with a period. You can underline the title, but keep in mind that, depending on the software used, formatting such as this may not appear for all employers when they view digital or online copies of your resume.

Provide the other authors’ names next. Since it’s your resume, you don't have to include your name here. Instead, use a phrase such as “co-authored with,” followed by the other writer or writers' names. Put first names first, but place them in alphabetical order by last name. Separate the names with commas and place a period after the final name.

Enter the city the book was published and the name of the publisher after the author names. Put a colon after the place of publication and a comma after the publisher name. Then type the year of publication, followed by a period.


The finished product should look like this: Personal Finance Basics, co-authored with Jill Allen, Mark Stephens and Madeline Williams. New York: Demand Press, 2013.