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What to Expect After Qualifying on the 473 Postal Exam

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Job applicants seeking employment with the Postal Service must successfully pass a selection process which begins with the 473 Postal Exam. The exam is part of a screening process that tests general aptitude, characteristics and abilities. After receiving a qualifying test score -- a 70 is the minimum passing score -- your name is added to the hiring register. This is basically a wait list for vacant job positions where applicants' names are sorted based on descending test score order. Other pre-employment procedures need to be completed as you wait for your name to be reached on the list.

Drug Screening Test

After your name is listed on the hiring register, you will be contacted in descending test score order to undergo a drug screening urinalysis. If the urinalysis comes back negative, the drug screening results are good for 90 days from the collection date. If the results are positive for drug use, you are ineligible to continue in the current hiring process. However, you can reapply for employment with the Postal Service at the next 473 Postal Exam testing.

Pre-Employment Interview and Orientation

A pre-employment interview and orientation is also required where you will visit an actual job location, observe working conditions, receive all information related to the position, such as duties, dress code and expected working hours, as well as fill out required paperwork. At the conclusion, the interviewer will give a positive or negative written recommendation to his superiors regarding whether or not to hire you.


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