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How to Compliment in a Cover Letter

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Complimenting a potential employer or company in a cover letter can be an effective way to express your interest in a job opening, provided you don't go overboard or sound insincere. Your compliments should be based on fact and serve as a genuine reflection of your feelings toward the company.

Recent Success

Extend congratulations for a recent, well-known accomplishment. For example, if you're applying with a company recently in the news for winning a productivity award, make mention of that in your cover letter. You might say, “Clearly, teamwork and an encouraging workplace environment contribute to the success of your company, as evidenced by your recent award.”

Something You Admire

Make note of something about the company that you admire. For example, if the business is known for providing on-site daycare, and you find this an admirable business stance, mention it in your cover letter. “One of the reasons I’m attracted to your company is because of your obvious willingness to create a quality work-life balance for your employees through use of your on-site daycare facility. This shows a true respect for your employees, and I find that admirable.”

Corporate Philosophy

Mention a corporate philosophy or stance that’s in line with your own professional belief system. “I find the company’s proactive approach to recycling and using clean, green manufacturing products speaks volumes about the integrity of your decision-makers. It would be a privilege to work with such a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious business.”

Recent Projects

If there’s a particular undertaking or project the company is involved in that you identify with or appreciate, bring it up and explain your feelings. “I thought your recent marketing campaign was highly innovative and helped people see your products and services in a new light. As a marketing professional myself, I am inspired by the creativity of your entire team.”

Good Reputation

Issue a general compliment in your cover letter by writing about the company's reputation, its standing in the business community or its longevity. “Your company has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality goods and services, as well as exceptional levels of customer service. I find this admirable, and would appreciate the opportunity to be part of your dynamic team.”


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