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Companies That Hire Older Workers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

An aging population, along with an increasing number of people choosing to stay in the workforce longer due to economic concerns means that there are more older workers seeking employment than ever before. Many companies have found that these workers can represent benefits to their organizations and actively seek to recruit and retain older workers -- generally considered to be those over the age of 50. Companies that employ older workers are often recognized for their efforts through various awards offered by organizations such as AARP (the American Association of Retired People) or the Fortune Best Places to Work awards.

Health Care

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Health care continues to be an area of high demand and a good place for older workers, according to AARP's Best Employers for Workers Over 50 awards. In 2009, 15 health care systems made the list representing organizations around the country. These organizations are not only proactive in recruiting employees through sources that provide them with access to those over 50, but also provide a wide range of benefits that appeal to this market segment, including health and wellness activities and flexibility. Other health care-related organizations in the top 20 included National Institutes of health (3), S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (6), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (18) and DentaQuest (19).

Educational Institutions

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Educational institutions are also top employers for older workers and are well represented in the AARP list. Among the top 20 are Cornell University (with the top spot), MIT, Brevard Public School, George Mason University and Oklahoma City University. Cornell made the list for the fifth time. Key factors contributing to this recognition include their aggressive recruitment of mature workers through placement agencies that represent these groups, and their own recruitment of retirees through the Cornell Retiree Association and the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti.

Financial Institutions

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While financial institutions have taken a hit in terms of their public perception in 2009 and 2010, they score high among older workers according to AARP results. Making the top 20 are First Horizon National Corporation (2), Securian Financial Group (12), Nevada Federal Credit Union (14), Pinnacol Assurance (15) and Adecco Group North America (20). Financial institutions understand the need to ensure that their employees reflect the backgrounds of the demographics they serve. Recruiting from the older demographic helps financial institutions stay connected with their customer group and provides them with a source of committed and productive source of staff.

Consulting Firms

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Consulting firms find that they can benefit from the wisdom and experience of mature workers and are increasing turning to this demographic. Showing up on the AARP list are Stanley Consultants (8), Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (17), Adecco Group North America (20). Adecco uses its own Renaissance Program to help recruit and retain mature and retired workers. Adecco was also noted for its consistent response to employee needs and feedback, which has led to the addition of benefits valued by older workers and the adoption of various green office practices.