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Colorado State Employee Salary

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Colorado state employee salaries vary depending on the position of employment. Obtaining information regarding Colorado state employees has become very difficult due to the Colorado Association of Public Employees, which introduced a bill to Assistant Majority Leader Sen. Lois Tochtrop specifically stating the exemption of such information. The Denver Post previously had a searchable database regarding Colorado state employee information, which was taken down due to pressure from state employees. Tochtrop has since sponsored a bill known as Senate Bill 49, which allows only aggregated salary information to be accessed.

Elected Officials

The salaries of elected officials in the state of Colorado vary on the position of office. As of 2010, the governor of Colorado was reported to earn $90,000 while the lieutenant governor and the secretary of state both earn an annual salary of $68,500, according to Sunshine Review. The attorney general earns $80,000, while the treasurer earns an annual salary of $68,500. The salary for Colorado’s governor was ranked 48th amongst U.S. governor salaries, with the average U.S. governor earning $128,735 a year.

Judicial Salaries

Judicial salaries in the state of Colorado vary by position. As of 2009, the chief justice earned an annual salary of $142,708, the highest salary out of all judicial salaries in the state. Six associate justice employees earned an annual salary of $139,660. Among U.S. chief justice salaries, Colorado’s chief justice ranks 34th, with the average U.S. salary being $155,230, according to Sunshine Review. Among U.S. associate justice salaries, Colorado ranks 33rd, with the U.S. average salary at $151,142.

State and Local Government Employees

In the 2008, Census data reported that the state of Colorado and its local governments employed a total of 320,650 people, according to Sunshine Review. A reported 227,729 of those employees are employed-full time and receive a net monthly pay of $971,010,148, while the other 92,921 part-time employees receive a net monthly pay of $113,456,631. Fifty-six percent of these employees were employed in education or higher education. On average, the base salary for a state employee was $4,161 per month or $24.01 per hour.


Colorado state employees may also be eligible to receive benefits in addition to their annual salaries. A reported 38,067 employees in 2007 and 2008 were eligible for benefits. Benefits include paid days off for sick leave, holidays, bereavement leave or other leave such as jury duty, military leave or administrative leave. Retirement benefits, health insurance, life and accidental death insurance and disability insurance may also be available to Colorado state employees.


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