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Careers That Give Back to Society

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If you're interested in giving back to society, you can find a wide variety of careers available to satisfy your need to make a difference in the world. Careers that give back to society can include those that help people overcome obstacles and those that help maintain a healthy environment for all.

Social Interaction

These careers are geared towards providing help and assistance to varying segments of society and provide a way to offer a hand up while developing lifelong skills. Options include working as a social worker or counselor in a variety of settings. This can include schools, welfare offices and job search centers. Social workers and counselors advocate for those facing life challenges and recommend assistance programs. Counselors help people deal with difficulties in various situations including school and work.

Environmental Options

Careers with an environmental angle and impact represent additional opportunities among the host of careers that give back to society. These careers help protect environmental resources for current and future generations. Environmental scientists, environmental engineers, conservationists and environmental health specialists all work to protect the environment for the enjoyment and benefit of society. Private industry, government agencies and park services are among the organizations that employ this segment of the workforce.

Community Involvement

Careers with agencies and corporations that serve your local community provide a way to give back to society. Emergency response teams, including police officers, firefighters and emergency dispatchers provide an important service to society. Agencies that respond to natural disasters also offer careers for those looking for a way to give back. Positions with local charity and fundraising initiatives, such as event coordinators, donor development personnel and media relations specialists, encourage others to contribute to the cause. Other options include careers with local homeless shelters, food pantries and advocacy groups.

Other Options

Keep additional options in mind when looking for a career that gives back to society. Providing meal delivery and health services for elderly and disabled individuals can offer a rewarding career. Nursing and other medical careers can assist individuals during times of illness and disease. Careers in public service give back to society through the development of laws and regulations. Options include elected positions and support positions, such as campaign managers and strategists. Public service positions can be found at the local, state and national levels. Teaching can offer a rewarding career while preparing young people for the future.


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