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Business Conference Meeting Invitation Wording

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Though you likely have very valuable information to present, invitees to your business conference meeting may need some convincing. If you're hosting a professional event that requires the time, attention and resources of your guests, create an invitation that promises an interesting, informative meeting that will make their investment worthwhile.


Begin your invite with an informative and eye-catching caption that grabs your target audience’s attention and succinctly explains the gist of the meeting. For example, if you’re holding a conference to explain updated computer software to the secretarial pool, your caption might read, “A Faster Computer Means Less Time At Your Desk: Learn How To Speed Up The Process at the Next Software Update Conference.” Regardless of your meeting’s subject matter, your headline should tell invitees what’s in it for them. If the info being offered isn’t particularly exciting, focus your headline on the perks, for example, "Enjoy Complimentary Lunch At Upcoming Wi-Fi Seminar."


Details about the host and the event should follow your headline to give invitees more in-depth information. Begin with a short description, and then follow up with specific talking points that will be addressed in the meeting. For example, “McClursky and Sons cordially invites you to our 2nd annual Social Media Seminar. We will cover a variety of topics, such as marketing to college-age consumers, maintaining a consistent presence with Facebook and Twitter, social media etiquette and text-messaging made simple.”

When and Where

Follow up your event description with the logistical information for your guests, including the day, date, time and location of the meeting. For example, “Please join us in the main conference room of the Chicago Hilton and Towers, Friday, March 22, 2013, at 12 p.m.” You should also include the exact physical address of your event location, so that invitees unfamiliar with the area can find the meeting easily.


If you need your attendees to RSVP, indicate this clearly in the invitation. For example, “Seats are filling up fast. Please RSVP your attendance no later than Friday, March 14, 2013. You can either mail your response in the enclosed envelope, or log on to the company website and click “Events.” Also mention if you’re offering perks for early birds, for example, “First 50 guests to RSVP will receive a free laptop computer.”


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