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Blackwater Job Salary

Blackwater Worldwide and Blackwater USA are former names for Xe Services LLC, a United States-based firm that provides security services for governments and private institutions. Xe provides security and self defense training at its U.S. Training Center and sends security personnel worldwide to supplement military efforts and provide security for politicians, dignitaries and companies.

Basic Security Pay

A number of Xe employees work in areas of political and social turmoil in nations that have deployed conventional military forces, such as U.S.-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. These personnel help to protect government contractors against attacks from nongovernment militant groups. According to The Washington Post, as of 2007, the average daily pay for low-level Blackwater/Xe employees in such areas was $600.

Levels of Pay

Xe does not regularly release detailed information regarding the exact salary of its employees at various levels. However, according to one 2007 report about Blackwater employees working in war-torn areas, the company charges "$1,075 a day for senior managers, $945 a day for middle managers and $815 a day for operators." However, this is what the company charges its clients; it does not directly represent salary, as at least part of what the company charges goes toward other expenses.

Comparison to Military

Xe security professionals are largely retired military personnel with combat experience. For many of them, getting a job at Xe constitutes a significant increase of pay. According to a 2007 story in The Washington Post: "An unmarried sergeant given Iraq pay and relief from U.S. taxes makes about $83 to $85 a day, given time in service. A married sergeant with children makes about double that, $170 a day."

Training Center Positions

At Xe's U.S. Training Center, the company hires people of various backgrounds, not just those who specialize in providing armed security services. Xe also hires people skilled in accounting, instruction, analysis, vehicular operations, food service, management, logistics and medical matters. Salaries for such jobs should be comparable to similar positions in other companies.


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