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Bachelor's in Medical Administration Salary

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

With high earning potential and strong job growth predicted for health care, obtaining a bachelor's degree in medical administration can provide a strong foundation for students pursuing a career in the health care field. Although many graduates of medical administration programs work as hospital or medical office administrators, there are a number of exciting career paths for which this degree can prepare you. As with most degrees, your salary will vary based on a number of factors such as company size, position, location, experience and other employment factors.


Many medical administration graduates pursue careers as health care administrators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers earned a median annual salary of $84,270 in 2010. This degree can also prepare you for a career in health education which has a median annual salary of $45,830, medical or pharmaceutical sales with a median annual salary of $105,000, medical records or health information technicians with a median salary of $32,350, and general healthcare support roles with a median salary of $33,880.


Geographic location is often a determinant of salary for medical administration graduates. Larger metropolitan areas often have higher wages than rural areas, and wages also vary between states. The top salaries for health care administrators can be found in New York with a mean annual salary of $114,550 and in California with a mean annual salary of $113,810. Idaho and Montana were on the lower end of the scale at $74,760 and $74,700, respectively. The metropolitan area with the highest salary is San Jose, CA with a mean salary of $133,390 for health administrators, and the lowest mean salary could be found in the far eastern North Dakota non-metropolitan area with a mean salary of $57,520.


Salary may also vary based on the industry in which you are employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that health care administrators in hospitals have the highest median incomes at $104,680. This is followed by a median income of $97,330 at physicians' offices, $94,720 for outpatient care centers, $88,670 for home health care services and $82, 240 for nursing care facilities.

Job Outlook

The aging baby boomer population and changes in the health care climate are expected to result in increasing demand for medical services. As the industry continues to grow, additional workers will be needed in all health care related occupations. Health care administration in particular is expected to grow 22 percent by 2020.