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Does Army Tuition Assistance Pay for a Masters Degree?

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U.S. Army enlistees and officers can take advantage of the Army Tuition Assistance Program to help them pay for voluntary educational programs that let them earn degrees they might not otherwise have been able to afford on their own. The TA program pays up to 100 percent of education expenses for Army personnel pursuing a high school general equivalency diploma, a professional certificate, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. The TA program is available to all officers and enlisted personnel on active duty, in the Army Reserves and in the Army National Guard. They engage in their courses during their off-duty hours.

Paying for Graduate Study

The TA program pays for tuition, lab fees and other mandatory course fees. As of 2013, the program paid for 39 hours of graduate credit or a master's degree, whichever TA participants completed first. TA participants received a maximum of $250 per semester hour or $4,500 per fiscal year. In exchange for their educational training, Army officers must complete a service obligation, which is calculated from the date of the last course they completed. Officers on active duty serve an additional two years, while reserve officers serve another four years.