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How to Align Employees With Company Goals

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Motivating employees to make them understand their roles in company goals is an integral part of management. According to Cornell University, providing an employee with direction can help improve attitude, reduce turn-over and help eliminate job stress. Engaging employees can help them maintain their purpose within the organization, and provide them with detailed instructions on job expectations and the knowledge and skills they need to be successful and to move forward within the company.

Define Company Goals

Train employees on the company goals. These goals can be written into the company handbook and given during orientation. Provide workshops and bring in motivational speakers to inspire workers. According to the "Harvard Business Review," ask employees to reshape their tasks so they are striving to reach company goals. Offer ongoing training to help define goals as they change. Speak of company goals in terms of profits by sharing company financial information. If an individual job description does not align with the company's goals, be prepared to change it.


Offer incentives for accomplishments. If you are trying to increase sales, offer a bonus for the person who makes the most sales each month. Provide a company picnic or luncheon when sales goals are met for a specific period. When you have an attractive incentive program, employees will work harder and goals will be more challenging. Consider the company's current needs and future needs, and update the incentive program as needed to keep people motivated.

Examine Values

Employees may not go against their own belief system to meet company goals. Hire individuals who value commitment and have character. Screen potential employees with an employment agency or ask specific questions during the interview process. Ask how the person would handle himself in certain circumstances, and compare his answer with company goals. Encourage honesty and self-growth by promoting individuals who consistently work hard and show commitment.

Encourage Communication

Allow employees to have a voice, and listen. Set up a suggestion box for individuals to recommend changes anonymously. Ask for opinions during company meetings and try new ways of doing things. Listen to complaints and address them. According to "Nation News," employees need to hear their voices heard and articulated in the company's vision and mission in order to have an incentive to work hard. Instill confidence by allowing people to make mistakes and learn from them. Allow employees to take risks in order to find better ways of solving problems and increasing profits.