Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Salary

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Alaska Airlines is a major carrier that flies to destinations throughout North America, including cities in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Despite its name, the airline is based in Seattle, Washington, although it does fly to several destinations in Alaska. The airline employs several flight attendants -- professionals who provide for passenger safety and perform customer service -- at its flight bases in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California and Anchorage, Alaska.

Salary Range

The salary of Alaska Airlines flight attendants ranged from approximately $21,000 per year to $35,000 per year as of March 2011, according to, a salary information website. This salary range includes normal yearly compensation. Alaska Airlines flight attendants also receive per diem pay to cover essential costs such as food and supplies when they are on overnight, work-related trips.

Salary-Affecting Factors

Like all U.S.-based air carriers, Alaska Airlines bases flight attendants' salaries on seniority -- the number of years they have been with the company. Flight attendants just starting off at Alaska Airlines earn significantly less than those with several years of service. Additionally, as with all airlines, total industry experience is not a factor in salary. For example, an individual new to Alaska Airlines, with 20 years of flight attendant experience, will earn less than his colleague with two years of flight attendant work history, all at Alaska airlines.


In addition to their yearly salaries, Alaska Airlines provides its flight attendants with benefits, including health and vision insurance, dental plans, 401(k) retirement savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and life insurance (See Ref. 3). Additionally, Alaska provides cash bonuses, known as "Operational Performance Rewards," to all employees, including flight attendants, when the company meets or exceeds customer service or on-time arrival goals. The airline also provides flight attendants with yearly financial bonuses, known as "gainsharing," when it meets profitability or performance benchmarks.


Individuals employed as flight attendants with Alaska Airlines have the potential to move up to higher-level positions within the company. The company states it seeks to promote from within and encourages employees, including flight attendants, to pursue skills relevant to higher-level positions. Additionally, the airline maintains an internal job board, where it posts positions available only to current Alaska Airlines employees.


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