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Adverse Effects of a Bad Attitude in the Workplace

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Everyone has been there – the flat tire on the way to work or the new co-worker who gets the promotion over you, even with your years of experience. Life in general can be frustrating. However, when you let these irritants affect your job, the fallout can be far-reaching. When you constantly complain about your job or how you can't stand your boss, people around you will grow tired of hearing about it. A general negativity about anything from the size of your cubicle to the fact that you don't like what the cafeteria serves for lunch can also be wearing on others. If you let your attitude get the best of you at work, you can suffer negative consequences.

Undermining Relationships With Co-workers

Everyone understands having a bad day, but if your caustic attitude continues, it's bound to affect your relationships at work. Negative attitudes can be very draining on those around you. When the relationship with your co-workers is undermined, your connection to work can suffer. You'll start to be left out of the loop and feel excluded from the office community. When you feel on the outs, you'll inevitably feed your bad attitude and make things worse for yourself. Look for common ground with your co-workers to bridge these gaps and repair any damage left by a bad attitude.

Missing Out on Perks

Your ongoing bad attitude at work may mean lost opportunities. If there are tickets to an athletic event from a vendor, or other office freebies to give out, you may not be the first choice to receive them. You could be technically doing a good job with your assigned tasks, but your attitude influences your boss to give those perks to someone else. In addition, you could miss out on any small recognition around the office that acknowledges a job well done. Don't lessen the effect of the good job you're doing for your company by souring it with a bad attitude.

Hindering Your Advancement

In addition to losing out on possible perks, you'll also likely be less considered over another co-worker for a promotion. The aftermath of your negative attitude goes a long way in influencing someone's impression of you. Another employee in your office may not be as productive or successful as you are at completing job-related duties, but still be more successful if they have a good attitude. In advanced positions, employers are looking for exceptional people skills as well as technical know-how and the good attitude is needed to successfully deal with people.

Risking Job Security

If your attitude becomes so disruptive that it affects those around you, you could risk getting fired for your bad attitude. Employers need to have people who can ultimately pull themselves together and overcome difficult personal situations so they don't affect their work. Eventually that bad attitude will spill into your ability to produce, and when it becomes too severe, your supervisor will be left with no choice but to take corrective action. Improving your attitude is a really a form of job security.