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The Advantages of Joining the Military

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For many, enlisting is a tough decision given the difficulty and danger inherent in a military career. A robust benefit package compensates for the hardship of serving in the Armed Forces. In addition to these benefits, joining the military has many other advantages such as world-class training and life-long connections.

Recession Proof

One of the advantages of joining the military is the fact that the Armed Forces needs to enlist hundred of thousands of recruits on a yearly basis in order to meet its goal of retaining enough personnel to successfully engage in two separate, significant conflicts simultaneously. The United States supports this mandate with dedicated financial contributions into large national defense programs. This combination of consistent public funding and demand for human resources creates plenty of military jobs regardless of economic conditions.


The diverse labor requirements of maintaining the Armed Forces is another advantage of joining the military. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those seeking a career in the military have more than a dozen branches and occupational groups from which to choose. In addition to a variety of combat roles, non-combat roles include healthcare, engineering, electronics, machine operators and public affairs. As a result, recruits with varying education levels and experience serve the role that best suits their skills.


Military enlistees enjoy the advantage of a training regimen that improves their physical and psychological discipline while increasing rapport with other recruits. Initial training consists of boot camp, an introduction to the military that lasts between eight and 13 weeks. After this initiation, many commence additional training courses to prepare for a particular department or specialization. The military takes care of the cost for nearly all education related to the growth of their personnel, dissolving financial barriers to post-secondary education.

Compensation and Benefits

Those who join the military enjoy a variety of increasing pay scales as well as the advantage of benefits such as health care, housing assistance and pension. Their families also receive help adjusting to the military life. After duty ceases, a life-long network of connections earned in the Armed Forces leads to a variety of potential opportunities in both the public and private sector. Also, the respect one earns from military service can place job candidates in an advantageous position compared to an applicant without military experience.


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