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PODS (portable on demand storage) provides portable moving containers which are delivered to your location and packed by you or a team of movers. The container is then picked up and relocated to the destination of your choice. You may have the container transported to either your final location or to a PODS storage facility where it will remain until you instruct the facility to move it elsewhere. Once the moving container is delivered to its final destination, you unpack it on your own schedule, and have it removed from your property.

The Facts

The PODS moving container is lowered and lifted using a hydraulic system which prevents the shifting of its contents. The location of each container can be monitored at all times via electronic tracking. PODS units are made of steel, aluminum and plywood, and are weather resistant. The storage buildings are climate controlled, and you hold the only key to your container.


PODS moving containers are available in three sizes: approximately 8 by 7 by 7 feet, 8 by 8 by 12 feet, and 8 by 8 by 16 feet. The largest size will hold up to 7,500 lb. and weighs 2,500 lb. unloaded.

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You don’t have to rent a truck. You can pack on your own schedule. There is no need to pack, then unpack at a storage facility, and then repack when you’re ready to relocate. You can save money by loading the moving container yourself. You maintain control over the packing process. The system provides a useful choice for individuals who are between homes as well as to businesses needing longer-term storage. You may access your PODS unit within one day of your phone or web request.


The PODS moving container system can function as a cost effective moving solution for individuals or as an inventory management and freight service system for businesses. It can also be a useful storage solution for deployed military personnel or a relocation service for transferred employees. Additionally, PODS units can provide a convenient construction site facility for tool and materials storage.


PODS moving containers have changed the moving and storage business by offering customers an alternative to traditional moving services. Offering service to more than 20,000 locations in the United States, Canada and Australia, PODS addresses the needs of individuals and businesses by providing flexibility previously unavailable. From reducing the stress of having to move all in one day to offering a cost effective storage choice for those in transition, the PODS moving container system has provided an innovative enhancement to the moving industry.

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