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Guest Services Manager Job Description

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A guest services manager, alternately known as a lodging manager or a general manager of a lodging facility, works to ensure effective operation of the facility, particularly in regards to the guests’ perception of a quality, enjoyable experience during their stay. Guest services managers may work at such lodging facilities as resorts, motels, hotels and inns. The scope of the guest services manager’s duties varies with the type of facility and whether or not the guest services manager also has an ownership interest.


To a large extent, the type of facility a guest services manager renders service for effects the duties and responsibilities involved in this position. Functioning as the general manager of the facility, managers do a variety of different tasks, ranging from greeting guests to managing financial aspects of operating the business. In small inns, resorts, hotels and motels, the general manager may also own the facility and thus operate in a very hands-on role in all areas of operation. In larger facilities, such as hotel chains, the general manager delegates some management responsibilities to department managers, such as the food service manager and the personnel manager, as described on


A key component of the general service manager’s work, regardless of the facility, involves ensuring that guests receive top-notch service. The providing of first-rate service to guests has a roll-down effect: such guests are more likely to return to the same facility in the future and to recommend the facility to others. Thus, guest service managers focus on quality guest service as a means to grow the business of their facility.


Another important aspect of the guest services manager position concerns the financial position of the facility. Guest services managers must work to ensure that the business earns a profit and that it does so without sacrificing the quality service essential to build a reputation that brings past customers back and also attracts new customers based on reputation. Guest services managers need to have an understanding of such financial matters as banking methods and credit policies, as well as understanding financial statements so they can evaluate when and where to make budget cuts or to invest in remodeling or advertising.


The preferred educational background for a guest services manager at larger lodging facility is a college degree in hotel management, and such programs often require students to gain experience while pursuing the degree through part-time work at hotels. Some chains also offer management training programs.

Outlook and Salary

The annual salary for a guest services manager, as of April 2010, ranges from approximately $30,000 for those entering the profession to anywhere from $40,000 to about $60,000 for those who have worked in the industry for 20 years or more, as described by