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Job Description of Timeshare Sales

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Timeshare is a type of property ownership where you purchase the right to use a property or a portion of a property for a certain time period. These development projects depend on continued revenue from sales of timeshares, and often depend on skilled salespeople to meet these goals. Timeshare sales is a good job fit for people who enjoy travel and working with others to own a vacation property.

Basic Duties

The timeshare sales executive is responsible for selling and marketing timeshares to potential customers. Depending on the employer, some sales executives are responsible for cold calling and prospecting clients, and others work mostly with guests on demonstration tours and weekend events at the property. You may also be responsible for assisting the buyer with credit applications, preparing him to close on his purchase.

Education and Licensing Requirements

The entry level education is usually a high school diploma, but more prestigious organizations give an advantage to an individual with a college degree. Good communication and personal skills are required for success. In most states, you will need a real estate or timeshare license to sell timeshares commercially. This may require an additional class and fee, depending on your state. You must have skills on the software and computer systems that the company uses, and be able to organize leads and track them through the sales process. Many organizations also require you to complete their in-house training program.

Working Conditions

Timeshare sales executives may work long hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. You may spend a weekend with potential clients at the resort you are selling and may also need to see people at their home or office. As with any sales position, you must be prepared to speak to or meet potential clients whenever and wherever they are ready to purchase.

Types Of Timeshare Arrangements

The most common type of timeshare is a fixed ownership plan, where you own the right to use a specific unit during a specific week each year. Biennial ownership means that you get to use the same unit every other year. Some timeshares have fractional ownership, where you have the right to use the unit for a certain number of weeks per year, often up to 26 weeks. Point-based plans allow you to purchase a certain number of points, and exchange these points for use at different resorts around the world. The timeshare sales executive may handle only one type of ownership or may need to represent many different types.

Pay and Benefits

Timeshare sales is a commission-based career, with many employers offering salaries during training or a base salary throughout the job. Pay is comparable to that of a real estate agent, which, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pays an average annual wage of $62,990 as of 2020. Some companies recruiting timeshare sales executives quote salary ranges from $55,000 to $125,000 per year, but much of this depends on the individual's ability and sales performance. Many companies offer health insurance benefits, vacation time, ongoing training and discount vacations.

Other Timeshare Sales Positions

The timeshare sales manager is responsible for managing the individual sales executives, setting goals and coaching performance. In addition, most sales managers also manage the inventory and pricing. Business managers work through the mortgage approval process, discussing payment options with the prospective buyer and completing all of the sales and closing paperwork. Many organizations also use telemarketers to prospect potential leads and set appointments for a sales call or a demonstration visit.


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