Web-Hosting Job Description

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Web-hosting jobs provide Internet services crucial for those who want to establish an online presence. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data-hosting workers in the field of customer support earn an average of $48,760, forming the largest segment of workers within the occupational field of data hosting, processing and related services, with approximately 21,500 support specialists employed.


Customer support agents working for Web-hosting companies help clients with a variety of concerns, including setup issues such as website migration, software settings and any other initial problems getting started. Support staff continue to help clients after setup, troubleshooting issues such as connectivity problems, data storage and security. Web-hosting support and sales staff speak with clients to provide solutions over the phone and when needed they communicate through virtual private servers that allow customer support agents to control the customer's computer. Web-hosting jobs that revolve around sales require the same expertise. Sales agents identify the needs of potential customers while linking them to services offered by a Web-hosting company.

Job Requirements

Web-hosting jobs require in-depth knowledge of different types of software and computer systems that host websites. In addition to knowledge of Web-hosting platforms, workers need to be familiar with common website databases, programming languages, content-management systems and popular Web-based software such as WordPress and Joomla.

Since the majority of work involves connecting with customers, Web-hosting workers must be comfortable communicating with clients and be able to relate to client needs. The ability to reach an understanding about technical issues with people who aren't technically adept is a crucial part of providing sales and service.