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Job Description of a Mini Bar Attendant

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Hotels strive to ensure guests are completely satisfied during their stay. Part of this satisfaction includes the full stocking of each mini bar in guest rooms. Mini bar attendants must maintain the inventory in guest room mini bars. They must uphold the privacy of hotel guests at all times while performing their duties. Mini bar attendants who demonstrate leadership qualities may advance into hotel management.


Attention to detail is vital to succeed as a mini bar attendant. They must be courteous in dealing with hotel guests. They must be able to read, write and speak English. Each mini bar attendant must take pride in his personal appearance to uphold the hotel's standards.

Mini bar attendants must be manually adept to handle mini bar items. They must be able to stand or walk for extended periods of time. Basic math skills are required to maintain mini bar inventory.


Mini bar attendants must maintain predetermined inventory in each guest room's mini bar. Inventory may include alcohol, soda, chips, cookies and chocolates. Mini bar attendants must check each item in the mini bar for expiration dates. Some mini bars offer additional items for each guest's convenience, such as a toothbrush, condoms or socks. They must take overall mini bar inventory and coordinate with food services when supplies run low.

Mini bar attendants are responsible for charging each guest for his use of items in the mini bar. They must restock each mini bar according to what has been purchased. They must report any guest complaints or charge discrepancies to their supervisors immediately.

Mini bar attendants may be requested to perform the duties of other hotel staff, such as answering phones and filling in for room service staff.


The average hourly rate for food service workers in hotels was $9.32 in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meals may be provided by the hotel. Hotel employees often receive discounts on hotel rooms and other travel programs.

Job Outlook

Turnover is high for food-service workers in hotels. Those who show they are capable leaders and perform their duties above and beyond expectations may advance into hotel management. Employment for these professionals is expected to grow by 10 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Work Environment

Mini bar attendants must work well under pressure, as they often must work quickly in between one guest's check-out time and another's check-in time. They may have to field guest complaints should the guest deny using mini bar items. Therefore, mini bar attendants must maintain a polite demeanor at all times.

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