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Job Description for an Operations Technician

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Operations technicians can work in a wide range of fields, such as broadcast media, aerospace and computers. This means that qualifications and responsibilities are largely dependent on the industry they are operating in. Some operations technicians choose to specialize in specific fields while others choose to specialize in particular operating systems. Regardless of the industry they work in, operations technicians usually work as part of a team. Most technicians have to work long hours and on weekends too.


Most operations technicians attend vocational schools. Depending on the industry, he may be required to have an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Operations technicians can also acquire on-the-job training for one or two years. Apprentice programs are also available. For instance, those who want to become electrical operating technicians can undertake apprentice programs.

Responsibilities and Duties

An operations technician is expected to set up equipment. She is also expected to install, operate and adjust equipment. She is responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment and maintenance of equipment so that it is always in good working condition. She also advises management on the best equipment to buy in the market and notifies management when major repairs are needed for equipment. She connects wires and cables. Operations technicians also record and interpret data. She also works hand in hand with other departments in the organization to ensure projects or assignments are carried out without a hitch in the technical department.

Desirable Qualities

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He should be hands-on person, ready to do manual jobs that may be physically exerting. He needs to have critical thinking and good decision making skills. He should be able to work independently and should have good knowledge and skills in engineering, technology and computers.

Job Outlook

Job prospects for operations technicians are expected to increase through 2014. The more experience an operations technician has, the higher her chances of advancing up the career ladder. Continuing with education can lead to advancement into engineering positions.


The average salary for operations technicians is $42,000 per year according to Indeed.Com. However, salary largely varies according to industry, location and organization. For instance, electrical technicians earn $60,000 per year. Military technicians earn $43,000 per year. Some of the benefits earned include medical plans, pension and insurance.


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