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General Clerk III Job Description

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There are several jobs that fall under the classification of general clerk. The business world has organized the required workload of a general clerk into levels, with each higher category of general clerk having a broader range of required knowledge and duties. The general clerk III position carries with it some very important duties and a high degree of responsibility.

General Clerk Levels

The general clerk III position builds upon the job descriptions of general clerks I and II. A general clerk I normally performs the same basic repetitive office duties. These could include filing, sorting office mail, reading emails and ordering office supplies. A general clerk II may perform the same duties but will have greater latitude in deciding what methods and procedures to use to accomplish the workload. This position may also include duties that are less repetitious and more varied based on the current situation.

Clerk III Duties

Depending on the employer, the job of a general clerk III may include some of the elements of the general clerk I and II, but with added responsibilities. This position requires a working knowledge of all office procedures and routines as well as the ability to direct lower-level clerks to accomplish a variable workload. The general clerk III position may have specific responsibility for a department such as the mail room. The position requires decision-making and problem-solving abilities.


General clerk III positions are common in all types of businesses with an office work environment. Many medium to large businesses will need a person serving in this position to basically function as an office manager. Smaller businesses may not have the workload or budget to require someone at this level. General clerk III positions can be found in the medical, aerospace, manufacturing, insurance and advertising businesses among many others. These positions are often filled from within by promoting current qualified clerks, but many businesses advertise in local or national newspapers or on job search websites.

Salary and Benefits

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The salary range can vary greatly depending on the employer and location. As of June 2010, the job search company, Monster, stated that the average salary nationwide for a general clerk III position was $56,000. Actual salaries can be expected to be highest on the west and east coasts as well as in large metropolitan areas. Benefits other than salary are dependent on the individual employer, but it is common in the industry for these positions to include health care, a 401K plan and paid vacation time.

Applicant Requirements

Most companies hiring for a general clerk III position will accept applicants with a basic high school degree or GED. Although the educational requirements are minimal, prior work experience in a similar work environment may be necessary to step directly into the position. Without prior work experience, it may be necessary to take an entry-level general clerk job and work up to level III. A two- or four-year college degree is viewed as an advantage as is proficiency in standard office productivity computer software.


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