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Job Description of a Guest Relations Manager

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The primary goal of a guest-relations manager is to make visitors feel welcome and to ensure their satisfaction. Guest relations managers may be employed in a variety of setting such as in upscale hotels, on cruise ships or for large chain stores or restaurants. Regardless of their employment setting, a guest relations manager needs to work well with people, be able to handle stressful situations and maintain a positive attitude.


For guest relations managers who work in the hospitality industry, such as in a hotel, their responsibilities include greeting guests, checking them into the hotel, providing information on hotel amenities, anticipating and responding to their needs, listening to and resolving complaints and providing excellent customer service throughout their stay. This position may also assist with activities such as booking tickets, making reservations and arranging travel and tours. In short, it is this person’s responsibility to promote a positive image of the hotel and ensure guest satisfaction.

The job description for a guest relations manager who works for large stores or chain restaurants may be quite different. This position may be responsible for not only ensuring guests satisfaction, but also improving sales and efficiencies, analyzing customer feedback and providing strategic direction to leadership based on the analysis. They may be responsible for providing leadership to a team of people to improve quality, customer loyalty, productivity and general operations. As such, this person may be required to provide strategic direction to improve results.


Qualifications may vary by employment setting. For example, a guest relations manager at a hotel may be required to have a bachelor’s degree plus previous hospitality experience working at a hotel front desk or in customer service. Guest relations managers for a store or restaurant may be required to have some college, with a bachelor’s degree preferred, and one to three years management or leadership experience.


In addition to education and previous work experience, employers may seek specific kinds of behaviors in a guest relations manager. These include the ability to motivate and lead, maintaining an outgoing personality, being a team player, demonstrating communications and analysis skills and keeping a positive attitude.

Work Environment

Guest relations managers in the hospitality industry are often highly visible, interacting with guests in the lobby or on a cruise ship. As such, they may be on their feet and walking around for much of the day. Guest relations managers for stores or restaurants may also interact with customers, but spend more time in the office analyzing data and developing quality improvement strategies.

Salary Information

As of May 2010, the average salary of a guest relations manager is $38,000. Actual rates may vary by employment setting, location and years of experience.