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Job Description for a Parking Cashier

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Parking cashiers issue claim tickets and collect fees from drivers who are using parking facilities to park their cars for an event or during work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for parking cashiers in 2009 was $19,200 annually or $9.23 per hour. Although no training is required, employers often prefer candidates who are high school graduates.

Collecting Parking Fees

The primary role of a parking cashier is to issue claim tickets to drivers entering a parking garage or lot and collect the fee when the driver leaves. Typically, the cashier sits in an enclosed booth at the entrance or exit to a garage or lot. Either the cashier issues tickets stamped by a time clock or drivers pick up their tickets by machine. Cashiers take the time ticket from the customer when he exits the parking facility, calculate the fee and take the payment. She can also furnish the customer with a receipt if requested. Generally, he must have good math skills and be able to competently operate a cash register or 10-key calculator.

Providing Information

Parking cashiers also must be able to answer questions for patrons about the hours of operation or general information about the surrounding area. They should be courteous and diplomatic when dealing with the public.

Monitoring Security Conditions

In some instances, cashiers can be asked to perform a check of the lot or the garage to make sure that everything is secure. They also can be called upon to alert police in matters where vehicles have been left unattended for several days. Such vehicles either could be stolen or pose, in rare circumstances, a terror threat.

Contacting Towing Companies

In instances where cars are not claimed or a customer is unable to start his vehicle, parking cashiers can be required to contact the appropriate tow company by phone to have the car removed.

Notifying the Authorities

In the case of theft or vandalism to personal vehicles, the cashier can be required to contact the police so the appropriate reports can be filed and proper parties alerted.


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