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Job Description for a Behavior Support Assistant

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A behavior support assistant works directly with education certified staff to collect data and monitor behavior and other tasks vital to special needs of students. This career and its tasks vary depending on the employer, but some general skills and duties are common.


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A behavior support assistant works with students who exhibit angry, aggressive, withdrawn or other correctable behaviors while at school or at school activities. They should create positive behavior strategies for children while promoting positive reinforcement. Duties also include maintaining a database of mental health professionals. The job may occasionally require running short distances or standing, sitting or kneeling for long periods.


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CPR training issued by the Red Cross or American Heart Association and first aid training may be required. Candidates should maintain ethnic and cultural sensitivity and implement strategies that are geared toward the development stages of the children.

School experience is generally preferred as is knowledge of technology for behavior assistance. A good candidate for this career should also have some management skills. A high school diploma is a must, and a bachelor's degree is generally preferred though not always mandatory.

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Working Conditions

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Generally, the work hours follow the building hours of the campus worked at. The job may involve exposure to bodily fluids such as blood and may involve dealing with violent behavior of children.


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Base pay of approximately $20 per hour is standard. Working with children and watching behaviors change for the better as a result of your efforts is a rewarding experience.

Other Considerations

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Most behavioral support specialist openings are part-time because of the nature of this occupation. A background check and drug/alcohol screen is required for most jobs involving working with children.

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