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Documentation Officer Job Description

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Documentation officers can find employment in a variety of fields from finance, to travel to law. Any industry that maintains paperwork for the purpose of doing business may require the services of a documentation officer. Documentation officers must be detail oriented, organized and may need specialized training depending on the nature of the documents. Candidates can expect a median salary of $45,000 and increased demand for documentation specialists in technical industries was predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics fro 2008 to 2018.

General Office

Many offices around the world employ documentation officers and specialists to assist with the management of routine business documents. The documentation officer might be responsible for copying and filing company invoices and tax documentation, maintaining employee records and hiring documentation, as well as business reports and correspondence. Documents may be scanned and maintained electronically or filed in a paper filing system.


A documentation officer might also work maintaining records in a financial institution or bank. The documentation officer would review files for mortgage loan applications, investment accounts and savings accounts to verify all proper documentation is present according to laws and regulations. Files would be reviewed as they are received, as well as during specific points in the year when an audit of documentation may be conducted. Missing copies of client identification, signatures or proof of funds would have to accounted for as part of the documentation officer's job responsibilities.

Travel and Customs

Travel and customs agencies in both the United States and foreign nations regularly hire documentation officers to check and maintain official paperwork. An officer may be stationed to verify travel papers at customs and other checkpoints throughout the country. Documentation officers may also work in embassies and immigration offices verifying and recording legal documents required for immigration and emigration, passports and visa applications.

International Shipping

Companies throughout the world hire documentation officers to assist with international shipping. Items that are shipped into other countries must be carefully inspected, properly packaged and appropriately accounted for in shipping paperwork. Requirements may vary depending on the country of origin and the country of receipt. The documentation officer ensures all protocols are followed and that all shipping documents are in order at all times.


The legal industry also has a need for documentation officers to maintain legal transcripts of court proceedings, produce and archive copies of attorney and client correspondence and file paperwork requesting motions and hearing. Documentation officers may work in a law office with one or many lawyers, or a documentation specialist may work directly for the court system.


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