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Sustainability Coordinator Job Description

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Many organizations and activist causes are concerned about the environment and about long-term sustainability. The Earth has many finite resources, and using these resources excessively can harm the economic and environmental health. When sustainability of a project is a concern, sustainability coordinators are often hired to act as consultants for many aspects of the project.

Present vs. Future Needs

Sustainability is the practice of creating products and structures that can satisfy the needs of the present without harming those in the future. Many advances in technology significantly improve human life while simultaneously depleting resources and harming the environment. Sustainable projects attempt to use renewable and recyclable resources that are biodegradable and that do not produce pollutants that are harmful to the environment. Sustainable projects are often concerned with efficiency and the minimal expenditure of resources. Sustainable projects also try to reduce the amount of transportation needed between different areas by building structures closer together. When this is not possible, environmentally friendly vehicles are used whenever possible.

Updated Technology

Before the project even begins, sustainability coordinators analyze the environment within which the project will occur to determine whether the given environment can sustain the development. Sustainability coordinators perform workshops where they train employees in a given facility or within a given project to behave in sustainable ways. As green technology continues to develop, sustainability coordinators must stay updated on the latest technology to help companies become increasingly sustainable. They must also review and produce documentation that can be presented to environmental organizations.

Affordable Solutions

Sustainability coordinators must often travel to the sites of projects to make sure that they are incorporating sustainability objectives. Since sustainability can sometimes be expensive, sustainability coordinators are often placed under a lot of stress to find solutions that are sustainable and also affordable.

Ongoing Education

The educational requirements for sustainability coordinators are often a bachelor’s degree in biology or environmental science, but the education of the sustainability coordinator continues long after post-secondary school. They must also be detail-oriented and have communication skills to relay information that is difficult to understand.


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