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Job Description of a Houseperson

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A houseperson--sometimes referred to as a houseman--has the responsibility of keeping the general appearance of the facility in clean, functional working order. This also includes being accessible to customers and guests by providing the best customer service experience possible. The houseperson possesses many skills and resources to get the job done.


At the beginning of hotel season, the houseperson must check and see all keys are functioning properly. If keys need to be replaced, he cuts replacement keys. He must check and make sure telephones are connected and working properly. Helping with the cleaning for open season also goes to the houseperson. In general, he must keep the hotel lobby, hallways and lobby restroom clean. He performs maintenance for the hot tub and other small maintenance jobs that the general maintenance man does not do. When guests arrive, assisting the bellboy with duties can also fall in the houseperson’s job description. He runs general office errands for the staff. When events take place, the houseperson follow the orders and duties the banquet hall is to undergo. Setting up meeting rooms for conferences goes to the houseperson also. Keeping the break room, changing rooms and employee restrooms clean belongs in his list of duties. Per guest request, the houseperson delivers hair dryers, ironing boards and irons. He checks and restocks cleaning and general supplies. Exhibiting superb customer service skills, he always greets and responses to guests in a kind and courteous way.


Persons looking for work in this industry has a high school diploma and at least three months of related experience in this field. Some employers provide on-the-job training or offer training courses for the houseperson to perform duties sufficiently.

Work Atmosphere

In general, individuals in a houseperson position work in hotels, resorts or spas. This work atmosphere does not restrict to persons with disabilities, and accommodations can be made for such individuals. This position requires handling hand tools and other equipment related to upkeep of the facility. She expects to be in an busy environment when conventions or conferences are in the area and guests frequent these establishments.


The houseperson must follow directions well. He must be able to look at written word and analyze it appropriately--especially in the case of safety rules for the establishment and equipment. It is also the responsibility of this person to write reports and general correspondent requests. He has very general mathematical skills. It is also important for this worker to understand unit of measurements in relation to weight, measurement, volume and distance. He possesses unique interpersonal skills, working well with all staff and handling problematic situations professionally and discreetly.

Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, persons in houseperson positions earn an hourly wage ranging from $8.75 to $9.37. In general, the hotel industry is excepting an 5 percent increase of employment by the year 2018. This includes individuals taking houseperson or houseman positions.


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