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Restroom Attendant Job Description

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Public restrooms at crowded venues often become messy due to overuse. Buessiness that want to make a good impression on guests and provide a higher level of customer service can employ restroom attendants to stay in the bathrooms. A restroom attendant maintains the restroom facilities, which contributes to a more positive experience for guests. In nicer venues, the restroom attendant provides personal care items in addition to cleaning services.


Restroom attendants ensure that public restrooms are clean and functional. This includes replacing supplies, wiping counters, mopping up excess water and fixing broken sinks and toilets. In a posting for a restroom attendant position at the Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo, North Dakota, the restroom attendant is expected to do more than clean and maintain the facilities. She must also satisfy the needs of guests and respond to emergency situations such as a fire or tornado. The restroom attendant is also expected to be “aware of all activities at the fairgrounds and report any suspicious activities to management.” Some restroom attendants also direct guests to open stalls. This helps make the lines move faster.


Some restroom attendants have high school diplomas but some businesses do not require diploma. This is an entry level job that is taught through on-the-job training. In the United States, male restroom attendants work only in men’s rooms and female restroom attendants work only in ladies’ rooms.

Other Considerations

A restroom attendant must have communication skills and excel at customer service. She must be both assertive and tactful in her interactions with guests. She must work well in a fast paced environment. She must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 60 pounds. Finally, a restroom attendant must be honest, hardworking and pay attention to detail.

Time Commitment

Restroom attendants work when the business is most crowded. Many restroom attendants at restaurants, clubs, theaters and sports arenas work evenings, weekends and holidays. Shifts may extend late into the night and not end until after the business is closed.

Salary and Job Outlook

Many restroom attendants work for tips. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep separate data on restroom attendants, but they can be grouped with locker room, coat room and dressing room attendants. People in these professions made an average of $9.49 per hour or $19,750 per year in 2009. These positions are expected to grow between 7 and 13 percent by 2018, which is an average rate of growth.


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