Healthcare Management Certification

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Hiring companies often look for certifications to identify the strongest candidates for open positions; and professionals in all fields and industries count on certification programs to both boost and highlight key skills and competencies. In health care management, professional certifications help hiring companies to see whether staff members and potential candidates have what it takes to improve administrative, financial and regulatory performance. Health care management certification types relate to risk assessment, quality management, information technology leadership and general management.

Certified Medical Manager

Managers overseeing physician or ambulatory center practices can boost their credentials by becoming certified through the Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM). This certification covers your knowledge of insurance, risk management, contracts, finance management and healthcare law. To obtain certification, you must pass a 200-question, three-hour multiple choice exam, which is offered annually at a PAHCOM conference or by appointment at an online testing center.

Healthcare Risk Management

Managers encounter many kinds of risk in the healthcare field. These relate to patient safety, financial, emergency preparedness, regulatory compliance, and claims and litigation. Professionals responsible for assessing and mitigating risk can obtain the Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management, or CPHRM, credential. This certification is based on a combination of education and experience. The exam consists of 110 multiple choice questions that address each type of risk, and is offered six days a week at AMP testing centers located across the United States.

Quality Management in Healthcare

Professionals responsible for managing, measuring and improving process quality in clinical and non-clinical healthcare organizations can validate their knowledge and experience through National Association for Healthcare Quality, or CPHQ, certification. The CPHQ certification requires passing a computer-based exam. The exam is offered at AMP testing centers across the United States and consists of 140 questions.

Healthcare Information Management

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is a professional organization open to health care industry CIOs and other executives functioning as CIOs but holding different titles. CHIME offers the Certified Healthcare CIO (CHCIO) credential to its members. Candidates for CHIME membership and CHCIO certification must have a minimum of three years of experience in the role of a CIO or top IT executive in a health care organization. The exam is offered at Kryterion testing centers across the United States and consists of 125 questions.