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Financial Representative Job Description

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Considering the complicated nature of many banking and investment products, people often need help deciphering the details of financial products. As a financial representative, people will seek your help understanding their options and the course they should follow to grow their wealth. You will undergo significant training and education to earn the responsibility and privilege of guiding people to wealth.

Financial Representative Education and Training

The majority of financial representatives complete a bachelor's degree in economics, accounting, finance or business before attempting to secure an entry-level position within a financial services company. Earning a master's of business administration helps you gain additional notice from employers and may lead to better pay and increased probability for promotion. This occupation tends to involve significant training while on the job, including sales training, coaching in securities analysis and other learning sessions that focuses on your company's financial products and services. Financial representatives constantly upgrade their knowledge to stay informed of new market trends.

Skills, Licenses and Certifications

Financial representatives need to develop solid math skills and possess a keen eye for detail. This helps you understand the numbers behind the services your company offers. Since your customers trust you to make the most out of their money, it is important that representatives communicate well with their clients and explain details in easy-to-understand language. Before starting your career, you must earn a license from The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Acquiring a license from FINRA involves passing a series of exams. Certain types of services and products require that you obtain a specific license before selling.

Duties of a Financial Representative

As a financial representative, you constantly analyze market conditions, trends and changes that affect you and your clients. Your duties also include the analysis of your client's financial situation, ensuring they have the best information to make good financial decisions. Financial representatives use this information to sell and persuade people to agree with their recommendations. Common products and services sold include CoDs, loans, insurance and securities. You also may help your clients establish checking and savings accounts and retirement accounts for their funds.

Work Environment and Outlook

Many financial representatives work long hours on computers to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and the demands of their employers and clients. More than one-third of representatives work longer than a typical 40-hour work week. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, between the years 2012 and 2022, employment of financial representatives will increase 11 percent. This is the same rate of change for the employment of all occupations as a whole.


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