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Hotel Housekeeping Skills

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Hotels would find it impossible to run without a housekeeping staff. Most housekeepers work in specific areas of housekeeping, including in the laundry room, ironing and laundering towels and sheets, and cleaning rooms or other hotel areas. Hotel housekeeping skills encompass a wide range of skills from emptying trash, cleaning windows and bed making. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 15.8% in housekeeping jobs by 2016. Most housekeepers are paid minimum wage, while some supervisors earn a slightly higher salary.

Cleaning Methods

Hotels train housekeepers in specific cleaning methods. Most require beds to made to a particular standard or bathrooms to be cleaned using specified cleaning products. Housekeepers that work in the laundry are required to iron and fold linen to precise specifications as well.

Cleaning Tools

Housekeepers are required to use certain tools while cleaning a guest room. Tools range from vacuum cleaners to dust rags and mops. Housekeepers must make sure they stock their cleaning carts with enough supplies so they do not waste time retrieving items from the housekeeping department.


Room setting is essential when preparing a room for hotel guests. The hotel guest must feel comfortable on entering a room, and many hotels add special touches, such as luxury bath products, room design or bedding, that set them apart from other hotels. Housekeepers must arrange these special touches to specifications required by the hotel. Other duties may include folding and hanging towels in an appealing design, arranging a wet bar or turning down the bed and adding chocolate.

Job Injury

Housekeeping is a physically demanding job that can result in job injuries. Housekeepers are at risk of back strain and increased leg and feet injuries. Many hotel chains require housekeepers to wear back braces, lowering the chance of back strain from lifting or bending. Proper shoes are crucial, and circulation hose help to relieve stress to the legs.

Laundry Skills

Housekeepers launder and iron hundreds of sheets, towel and wash cloths daily. Many also launder personal items for guests and cannot ruin guest clothing. Duties include washing, folding, ironing and dry cleaning.

Communication Skills

Housekeepers encounter hotel guest on a regular basis. They are required to be able to communicate well and anticipate guest needs. They must assist with requests for additional items such as extra towels or personal items. Housekeepers have to ensure a guest room is clean and comfortable. Moreover, housekeepers are required to resolve any complaints that a guest may have with a room that does not meet the guest standards.


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