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How Much Money Do Cabinetmakers Make?

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Those beautiful new kitchen cabinets in your friend’s remodeled house are probably the work of a cabinetmaker. Also called bench carpenters, cabinetmakers may design the cabinets they build or work from a set of specifications. In addition to cutting, shaping and assembling, cabinetmakers often install their creations. Cabinetmaker salaries could vary according to such factors as work setting, experience and location.

About the Money

The average annual salary for cabinetmakers was $32,960 in 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. reports the average annual salary for cabinetmakers in 2014 was $30,000. Most cabinetmakers worked in household and institutional furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing in 2013, where they took home an average of $32,450. Those who worked for building finishing contractors, however, pocketed slightly more at $32,970. Alabama was the lowest-paying state for cabinetmakers in 2013, with an average salary of $26,050. Although their numbers were small, cabinetmakers in Alaska took home the most, with an average salary of $46,920. The BLS reports demand for woodworkers is projected to be lower than the average for all occupations through 2022 -- 8 percent compared to 11 percent.

2016 Salary Information for Woodworkers

Woodworkers earned a median annual salary of $30,530 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, woodworkers earned a 25th percentile salary of $24,420, meaning 75 percent earned more than this amount. The 75th percentile salary is $38,150, meaning 25 percent earn more. In 2016, 263,600 people were employed in the U.S. as woodworkers.