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Army Reserve Promotion Requirements

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Some people believe that it is quite easy for a U.S. Army Reservist to receive a promotion, given that he has one of the least intensive positions in the military. But that is not true, particularly since he is more likely to be called into active duty now than at almost any other time in our history. The fact is, there are numerous requirements that must be fulfilled before a promotion can be granted. Learn some of the most important criteria upon which a promotion will be granted.

Following the Army's Rules

If a candidate for promotion is guilty of leaving her post without permission or is currently serving jail time as a result of a court martial, she may not be considered for promotion. Furthermore, if a candidate is in the process of a court martial, her promotion will be considered after the ruling in her favor.

Physical Considerations

The U. S. Army insists that a person being considered for a promotion be physically fit. The candidate must not be overweight and currently undergoing a weight-loss program. Furthermore, a person to be considered for promotion must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. However, that requirement can be waived by his commanding officer if he demonstrates a physical disability or cannot take the test for reasons that are out of his control, such as age. Finally, the request for his promotion will be placed on hold if he is ill or injured as a result of an occurrence not in the line of duty.

Educational Qualifications

A candidate for a promotion must have graduated from the courses required by the position she currently fills. If she has not graduated from those courses, the paperwork involving her promotion will be withheld until she fulfills that requirement. Furthermore, she must have received formal training for her prospective new responsibilities before she will be considered for promotion.

Security Clearance

In cases where a candidate is to be promoted to sergeant or above, he must have the necessary security clearances for his new assignment before the promotion will be considered.

Accept Reassignment

For a soldier to be promoted, he must be willing to be reassigned by the U.S. Army at its discretion. If a soldier has already filed for discharge because of reassignment, he will be barred from any further promotion.