Types of Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Whatever your skills, interests or experience, there is a job waiting for you. Some jobs want problem solvers and decision makers, some demand physical strength and persistence, some require creativity and expression and some need caring and patience. Career psychologist John Holland identified six personality types of people and the jobs that they would like best. See where you fit in one of the following categories --a link to the test is in the Resources section.


Realistic people are rational, no-nonsense and logical. Rather than an abstract problem, they want to know the practical reason. They most like working with their hands and in a realistic setting. They often work with machines or equipment either using their physical strength or manual dexterity. These are the people who become carpenters, airplane pilots, dentists, engineers and dietitians.


Astronomer, laboratory technician, teacher and computer programmer are some of the jobs that investigative people would like. These are the type of individuals who are looking for the right answers, so they enjoy research, science and mathematics. They want to solve complicated problems, pursue intellectual challenges, and find new ways to explain the physical environment.


People who fall in the artistic category naturally enjoy jobs that are creative, self-expressive and innovative. They also like to solve problems and may be more insightful and rational than other individuals. Variety, change and flexibility are valued most as they look for imaginative ways to display their thoughts and ideas. Some of the artistic jobs include architect, writer, landscaper, and home decorator.


The medical, counseling and social work fields include many people who fall in the social personality type. These are individuals who want to help others and are empathic, generous, and caring. They are team leaders who bring individuals together with different perspectives. Social jobs include registered nurse, clinical psychologist, career guidance counselor, and geriatric social worker.


People who fall in the enterprising personality category are very outgoing, verbal and communicative. These are often the entrepreneurs and leaders who bring about change and ways to increase productivity. They enjoy taking risks and are strongly competitive. Enterprise people are business owners, salespeople and company officers.


The last category type is conventional. They are people who may be careful, efficient and thorough, but are also very detailed oriented and excellent organizers and record keepers. These are the individuals who keep everything moving on time and in an orderly fashion. They see the whole picture, and are able to break it down into smaller pieces and find the right process. They include insurance agents, certified public accountants, bookkeepers and career planners.