A List of Resume Key Words and Synonyms

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Employers have always looked for key words in a resume that make a potential employees appear to be a good candidate for the job.. Today, some employers use a resume scanner that automatically searches for strong key words that can indicate a potential employees skill level and commitment to being a good employee. Using these strong key words in your resumes could help you land the job you're after.

Key Words Showing Achievement

Words in the achievement category can help show an employer that you are a hard worker who sets goals and maintains a schedule for achieving those goals. Some of these words include performed, succeeded, conducted, attained, implemented, demonstrated, secured and maintained. These words can be used to describe achievements you've made in other places of employment and can be used to add strong goal actions to your resume.

Key Words Showing Abilty to Solve Problems

A prospective employer wants to know you have the ability to solve problems as they arise. Key words in your resume that let a prospective employer know you can do this include identified, reduced, analyzed, streamlined, strengthened, solved and evaluated. A sentence such as "implemented a plan to streamline productivity" contains three key words, "implemented," "plan," and "streamline."

Key Words Showing Leadership

Alert a prospective employer to your leadership abilities with key words such as organized, directed, developed, inspired, spearheaded, and led. Use of these words show a prospective employer you can take a leadership role when necessary and have the ability to organize and see a project through.

Key Words Showing Initiative

Words such as established, started, devised, originated and initiated show a prospective employer you can work on your own, with minimal supervision. This is a quality many employers look for, especially when the company is a large one. Some of the key words in this category cross over in the ability-to-solve-problems category.