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5 Attitudes or Traits Important for Success in a Job

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No matter what field you work in, some attitudes and traits are common for success in a job. Your personality and natural abilities drive some of these strengths. You cultivate others with experience. Attitudes and traits for success benefit your company by increasing productivity, efficiency and profits. They also support a positive work environment. Continually set professional goals for yourself – whether you have none, some or all of these success characteristics.

Strong Expertise

Strong expertise builds on your formal education and previous work experience. It also incorporates the knowledge and skills you develop in your current position. As an employee with strong expertise, you regularly advance your know-how through such resources as learning seminars or professional associations. You also often seek out mentors. Your specialized qualifications and technical knowledge perfectly match your job function. At the same time, your capabilities are highly transferable from one organization to another.

Ambition to Succeed

You are also successful in your profession because of your ambition. Your work style is generally characterized as going “above and beyond.” Instead of passively seeking direction from your superiors, you take full ownership of your work including performance expectations and problem-solving. You also welcome challenges and develop creative formulas to meet them. In addition, you do not shy away from sharing ideas with others – in hopes that they will benefit company processes going forward.

Working Well Independently

Working well independently also translates into success. Similar to ambition, you are self-motivated to do your job. In addition, you have practical self-management skills. On one hand, you excel at organization – focusing on details and accuracy. You also have clear goals for your work in mind along with good judgment. You are an ethical worker who is dependable and punctual without someone looking over your shoulder. Finally, you have an upbeat attitude which lends itself to flexibility and cooperation whenever necessary.

Working Well with Others

Success also amounts to working well with fellow employees. You have strong interpersonal skills and you emotionally connect well with others. You are versatile in your professional interactions. At times, you act as a leader. At others, you serve as team member. Working well with others requires excellent communication skills. You are equally adept at speaking and writing – with strong persuasive abilities.

Projecting Optimism

Work can be very demanding. There are positive and negative aspects of your job at any given time. To thrive, you need an optimistic attitude. As an optimist, you are able to see the big picture. You have a tangible sense of your role at the company and draw personal value from it. You celebrate the victories of others to the same degree as your own. The synergy you bring reduces conflict and creates cohesiveness – no matter the task at hand.


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