When Do I Get My W2?

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Keeping Uncle Sam in the Know

Uncle Sam doesn't entirely trust employees to report their earnings for tax purposes. That's why federal tax laws require that an employer fill out a form to report the amount paid each employee to the IRS and the Social Security Administration. The form is called a W-2 and it also lists amounts withheld for taxes from the employee's pay. If you are a mother of minor kids, you'll likely have less taxes withheld than single working women. The employer must give you a copy of the W-2 for your own information and for use in preparing your taxes. The deadline for providing the W-2 to you is the end of January the following year so keep your eye on the mailbox around them.

What Is the Deadline to Receive my W-2?

The deadline for employers to give W-2 forms to employees is January 31. However, the employer doesn't have to put it in your hands by that date. He simply has to have it in the mail by that date. And if January 31 is a weekend, your employer has until the following business day to mail it.

When Do I Get my W-2 from Work?

You will get your W-2 from work by January 31 or soon thereafter. It must be in the mail to you by that date.

When Do I Get my W-2 from Unemployment?

Unemployment compensation includes any amounts received under the unemployment compensation laws of the United States or of any state. You do not get a W-2 that reports the unemployment compensation you received during the year. Instead, this is reported to you on a Form 1099-G. However, if you receive supplemental unemployment benefits from a company-financed fund, they are reported on Form W-2 by the end of January.

When Do I Get my W-2 from Social Security?

You do not get a W-2 form for Social Security benefits you received during the year. Instead, the benefits received during the year are reported to you on form SSA-1099_._ If you got benefits from more than one Social Security record, like survivor's benefits, you will receive more than one form SSA-1099.

What Do I Do if I Don't Get my W-2?

If you are certain that you did not receive your W-2 , contact your employer to figure out what went wrong. It may be that the form was sent to an incorrect or old address. If for any reason the employer does not assist you in getting the Form W-2, contact the IRS. The IRS will assist you if you contact it about missing forms after February 14. Call 1.800.829.1040 and have ready your address, phone number and SSN, as well as identifying information about your employer.

How Do I get my W-2 from a Previous Employer?

Contact the employer just like you would a current employer. If you cannot find the employer or do not get help from him, contact the IRS after February 14.

How Can I Get My W-2 Online for Free?

Many employers, including the military, are making their W-2 forms accessible on the internet. This makes submitting income taxes less complicated and is at no cost to the employee. The company you work for will make is accessible online. If you cannot locate it, contact your employer. Once you get your online W-2 , you can file online or else download and print the form to include with your tax return.