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Top 5 Work at Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Top work-from-home jobs can provide the freedom you need to get things done at home while earning an income. These jobs offer flexible schedules, reliable pay and a positive job outlook. Stay-at-home jobs are available in a variety of fields, so choose one that fits your interests, personality, skill sets and educational background. Avoid scams by reading company reviews and researching "best practices" for the type of work you plan to perform.

Freelance Writer

Advertising agencies, publishers and private businesses need freelance writers to create content for their websites, media blogs, magazines and instructional manuals. Freelance opportunities are ideal for stay-at-home writers because you can work day or night -- whatever hours you choose – as long as you meet required deadlines. Many freelance writers have previous experience in the industry, working as writers, copy editors or designers for in-house publishers. If your background is in journalism or a related field or you want to write in your area of expertise, freelance writing is a top pick. Pay is typically by the article or by the word, depending on the company.

Medical Transcriptionist

The health care industry relies on transcriptionists to convert medical professionals' voice recordings into written reports. Medical transcriptionist jobs are ideal because you can work from home outside of typical business hours. Training at community colleges or vocational schools and associated certifications, such as those recommended by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, are required to translate medical terms and abbreviations for the reports. Attention to detail and error-free typing are critical to the job. Companies usually pay work-from-home transcriptionists by the volume of transcription they produce. These jobs are top picks because concerns about patient confidentiality and data mining suggest a continued need for transcriptionists in the United States, rather than outsourcing the work to other countries.

You'll likely need a land-line phone to perform transcriptionist duties.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, also known as work-from-home administrative assistants, often serve clients who don't have offices or work facilities. Others work for companies on a temporary basis – full- or part-time – when the workload requires additional administrative help. These positions are ideal because the pay is based on contracted employment – not the amount of data you produce. As a result, you can rely on a steady income during your contracted period. You'll answer phone lines, perform data entry, and maintain physical and electronic files. Employers hire virtual assistants for a designated amount of time and pay them by the hour.

Setting up a home office may make it easier to fulfill the responsibilities.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service and call center representatives often work from home educating consumers on product lines, addressing complaints and processing purchases and returns. These positions are ideal for stay-at-home workers who don't have a post-secondary education -- a high school diploma and on-the-job training is typically all that's required. Companies often hire independent contractors to perform customer service duties to reduce their overhead, eliminating the need for expansive call center office space and costly employee benefits, such as health insurance or retirement plans. These virtual positions typically require a land-line phone, a computer with Internet access, and a quiet work space for making and receiving calls.

Translating Languages

Work-from-home translators – fluent in more than one language – translate books, DVDs, video games, audio files, business documents, educational materials and conversations into different languages. A keen understanding of cultural differences is advantageous to the job. Translators must have high-speed internet access to send and receive large media files that need to be translated. Translator jobs are a top pick because there's a huge need – resulting in job security – and the job outlook is promising. The demand for translators is expected to grow 46 percent from 2012 to 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.