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What Happens if You Forget to File Your Weekly Claim for Unemployment in Arkansas?

Claimants who receive Arkansas unemployment benefits must submit their weekly claims on time to receive their compensation. The state provides two automated filing systems to streamline the process of submitting weekly claims. Those who fail to submit their benefit claims on time may forfeit their compensation.

Arkansas Weekly Benefit Claims

After workers file their initial claim for unemployment compensation, they must file weekly benefit claims for each week they are out of work. Once they submit their weekly claim, they become eligible to receive compensation for that week. The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services recommends that new claimants wait three days after the week they submit their initial claim before attempting to file their first weekly benefit claim.

Filing and Payment Schedule

Arkansas disburses unemployment compensation two business days after workers file their claims. For example, a worker who submits his weekly benefit claim on Sunday receives his compensation for that week on the following Tuesday. New claimants typically receive their first benefit payment within five to seven business days after filing their first weekly claim.

Consequences of Not Filing a Weekly Claim

According to the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, workers must submit their weekly benefit claim within seven days of the end of the claim week. Claim weeks run from Sunday through Saturday, so a worker must submit his claim by the following Saturday to receive compensation. Claimants who file after seven days may have their benefits disallowed. If a worker does not submit a weekly benefit claim for 14 days, he becomes ineligible to file by telephone and must reactivate his benefits in person at a local workforce department office.

Filing Methods

Workers who receive Arkansas unemployment benefits can file their weekly claims online through the state’s ArkNet system or by telephone using the ArkLine voice response system. Both systems are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Claimants must establish a personal identification number to use either filing method.


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