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What Are Some Good Jobs?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

It is possible to find a good job even if you do not have a college education. Many jobs will train you while you work or even pay for your training from a technical school. Economic down turns can make finding a job difficult but with perseverance, you can find a job. You may have to start at an entry-level job and work your way up to achieve the wage that you would like to have.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers oversee the daily operations for facilities, which provide meals and drinks to customers. It is their job to ensure that there is enough staff on duty to cook, clean and serve the clientele. Many manager positions do not require an education beyond high school but do require attention to detail and dedication to learn all of the aspects of the restaurant. It will fall to you to cover shifts if employees do not report to work, fill in when areas are understaffed and compute work hours. A college degree in hospitality can help you advance quickly with most employers. In 2009, wages ranged from $29,810 to $78,910 with a mean annual wage of $51,400.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers deliver goods from one point to another generally in vehicles weighing at least 26,001 pounds or more. Some drivers remain local and are home every night but more are long-haul drivers who transport freight across the country and into Canada and Mexico. Education is not mandatory to become a truck driver although training programs exist that teach the basics of controlling a truck, driving laws and prepare students for their commercial driver’s license (CDL). Many drivers advance to office jobs in the transportation industry or owning their own equipment. Wages in 2009 ranged from $24,640 to $56,970 for long-haul drivers with a mean annual wage of $39,260.

Retail Manager

Retail managers oversee the daily operations of retail stores. They may manage the entire store or departments within the store. Store managers manage the store by coordinating the activities of the department managers and other store personnel. Department managers oversee individual departments and ensure that stock orders are placed and distributed in the department, schedule employee shifts and make sure that the department stays clean and neat. Managers will cover shifts when scheduled employees do not come to work so the work hours can be long. There are no formal educational requirements to become a retail manager although degrees in retail management are available. In 2009, wages ranged from $21,690 to $60,400 with a mean annual wage of $39,130.

Security Guards

Security guards help protect property from theft and vandalism. Some security guards carry weapons and all are equipped with the means to contract police and other emergency services. Security guards may patrol areas in cars or on foot and while the job is usually calm, it can be dangerous when stopping a criminal breaking the law. Most employers do not require that applicants have college degrees although you may have to complete employer-based training. In 2009, wages ranged from $16,680 to $39, 360 with a mean annual wage of $25,840.