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How Do I Become a Low Level Laser Therapist?

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Low-level laser therapy uses photons that come from the infrared light spectrum, which penetrate the skin without heat so it will not damage or cause side effects, as the light beam travels in a straight line to focus on a certain spot or area, according to A therapist administers this type of treatment in 10-minute sessions. This noninvasive type of therapy is being used worldwide to treat and cure various conditions. Training to become a low-level laser therapist is generally offered in health care professional centers.

Modalities and Training

To become certified in low-level laser therapy, you would first choose from the modalities such as insomnia laser therapy, pain relief laser therapy, weight loss laser therapy, cosmetic laser therapy and more. Depending on if you choose one modality or more, your training will involve topics such as laser safety, an overview of laser physics, laser biological responses, vitamin therapy, behavior science, hands-on experience and more, according to

Duration of Training and Restrictions

Each modality consists of two to three days classes at six hours a day. Certain modalities may only be available to licensed and medical health care professionals, such as tissue/wound healing and anxiety/panic disorders. There is also post-training support in some centers such as the Matrix (see References). You will receive your certificate upon completion of the course.

Where to Train

The Matrix offers training in a variety of modalities at their center as well as offering businesses the ability to come to them. Should that not be convenient for your particular needs, you may wish to look into a center such as THOR, which offers training courses all over the world. In the U.S., for example, THOR travels from state to state over a period of six months out of the year, according to


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