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What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Med?

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Pre-med courses typically include science classes, such as biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. Some schools allow undergraduate students to select pre-med--or pre-medicine--as a major. Other schools might offer science-related concentrations instead of a specific pre-med major. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, pre-med graduates can pursue several careers.


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An undergraduate major or a bachelor’s degree does not define a person’s career path. There are few limitations that a pre-med student will face when selecting a career. Students who have earned bachelor’s degrees can pursue higher education--master’s or doctorate. A bachelor’s degree is essential for further education. For instance, if a student wants to be a dentist, then he should attend dental school after receiving a bachelor’s degree. Some schools, such as Rutgers University, implement joint bachelor's and medical degree programs so that students earn both degrees in less than eight years.


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A traditional route for pre-med students involves a career in the medical industry. A pre-med major might become a podiatrist, a chiropractor or a nurse. Students also can apply to medical, veterinary or dental school, though a pre-med major will not guarantee admission. With a background in science, students might work as patient advocates at clinics or hospitals. Students can obtain an alternative teaching certificate and teach elementary, middle, or high school science. Check state Departments of Education for teaching certification requirements. Another option is to become a pharmaceutical sales representative or lobbyist. Many laboratories hire students with science backgrounds to work as researchers.


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Students interested in science can embark on non-traditional routes. For example, a science student can enroll in law school or work as a politician. Many politicians who hold a public office earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Individuals with strong science, math and technology skills might work as engineers or computer consultants. Entrepreneurs with a background in pre-med might start a business, such as developing computer programs that improve a medical procedure. Alternatively, students can travel abroad to China or Italy and teach English.


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